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Being a Chatham Anglers Host Family

by Dr. Mary Ann Harwood, Housing Coordinator
Monday, March 22, 2010

Being a Chatham Anglers Host Family
The Cape Cod Baseball League is the premier summer collegiate league in the country. The Chatham Anglers have always attracted some of the best college players from across the country to play at Veteran's Field and nine other fields scattered throughout Cape Cod. There are many rewards in hosting players including the opportunity to meet a young person from a different part of the country, the admiration and devotion by children and families, the influence of excellent role models, and the enjoyment of having a top flight college player be part of your home and family.

Chatha Anglers Host Families
The Cape Cod Baseball League season begins on June 14, 2010 and runs through August 4, 2010, with the play-offs following. The season cannot last longer than August 15th. The players begin arriving on June 6th in preparation for their busy season!

The Cape Cod Baseball League and the Chatham Anglers have Player Handbooks for the conduct and behavior that is expected from the players, but here are some of the other basics:

All else being equal players should have a room of their own (not shared with a family member). Having some privacy is important.

The host family should provide bed linens and towels. The players will need to have access to laundry facilities and a bathroom. If you have an outdoor shower some players may have interest, weather permitting!

Food is always a concern. All players are fed after the game by the team. For the other meals, players are on their own, and they may vary from eating with your family, to having their own meals, to eating out. It is up to each family to establish their own rules. It is important to have a place where players can store or refrigerate their own food.

Players most typically will become very much part of your family. They will have their interests and hobbies which they will share just as you share your own with them. Electronic media has become very much part of our lives so expect young men who enjoy TV, DVDs, computers, computer games, I-Pods, cell phones and all of experiences that are part of this generation. Each family may have certain rules so please share what your expectations are with your player(s) ahead of time.

Many players are from different parts of the country. It is not unusual for a player to be near beautiful beaches and salt water for the first time. Use the experiences and beauty of our area to share with players. If there is a family outing that includes, fishing, boating, a clam bake or a dinner encourage the player to participate.

Players are typically as anxious in being in a new place with new people as you will be. It usually does not last that long before you start sharing stories and get to know one another.

If possible we suggest taking two players for their camaraderie, transportation, and conversation.

The Chatham Anglers, the Cape Cod Baseball League, the NCAA, the player's families and their colleges have certain expectations. They are not any different than what you would expect of your own children, including kindness, respect, openness, and honesty. It is acceptable to expect that players can help with routine chores, but NCAA regulations do not allow for players to be doing work that someone else may be paid for.

Lastly, these young men come from some of the finest colleges and universities in the country. They have worked hard for many years to reach this dream. It can only happen if you open you homes and your hearts to give these players a place to live and a chance to play for the Chatham Anglers. The relationships and friendships that you will be part of will remain for a lifetime.

For further information about becoming a host family please contact Dr. Mary Ann Harwood at dr.mah@comcast.net