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Chatham Anglers Alumni in Pro and Amateur Management

As successful as the Chatham A's/ Anglers have been on the field, they have also contributed to the success of future coaches, managers, scouts and executives in both professional and amateur (collegiate and high school baseball.) This list does not contain the names of those former A's/Anglers who are coaching at the high school level. If you know of the whereabouts of other former A's/Angler's players please contact us so we may add them to our current list.


Name Years Team Position
Ace Adams 1984 - 1987 Detroit Tigers Minor League Pitching Coach
Alex Andreopoulous 1991 Toronto Blue Jays Bullpen Catcher
Tom Battista 1999 - 1999 Atlanta Braves National Crosschecker
Grant Brittain 1988 - Oakland A's Pro Scout
Warren Brusstar 1971 - Philadelphia Phillies Minor League Coach
Dave Bush 2001 - 2002 Boston Red Sox Latin American Medical Pitching Development Analyst
Dennis Cardoza 0 Kansas City Royals Professional Scout
Scott Coolbaugh 1985 - 1986 Baltimore Orioles Hitting Coach
Joey Cora 1984 - Chicago White Sox Bench Coach
John Curtis 1967 - Long Beach Breakers (Ind.) Coach
Jeff Datz 1981 - Atlanta Braves Roving Minor League Instructor Catching
Kip Fagg 1991 - 1991 Texas Rangers Senior Director, Amateur Scouting
Matt Fincher 1997 - 2007 University of South Carolina Upstate Head Coach
Oneiri Fleita 1985 - Philadelphia Phillies International Scout - Mexico
Randy Flores 1996 St. Louis Cardinals Director, Scouting
Rusty Gerhardt 1968 - 1969 MLB Scouting Bureau Scout
Chris Getz 2001 - 2002 Chicago White Sox Director, Player Development
Gary Green 1982 - Detroit Tigers Minor League Manager
George Greer 1965 - 1967 St. Louis Cardinals Minor League Hitting Instructor
Tom Grieve 1966 - Texas Rangers Television Announcer
Stephen Head 0 Los Angeles Dodgers Area Scout
Michael Holmes 1994 - 1995 Oakland A's Assistant Director, Scouting
Ricky Horton 0 St. Louis Cardinls TV Announcer
Charlie Hough 1963 Los Angeles Dodgers Senior Advisor to Player Development
Matt Hyde 1995 - 1996 New York Yankees Area Scout
Mark Kiefer 0 Chicago Cubs Pro Scout
Mike Koplove 0 Philadelphia Phillies Special Assignment Scout
Bobby Korecky 0 Seattle Mariners Professional Scouting
Mitch Leeds 2015 Toronto Blue Jays Scout
Tim McIntosh 1984 - 1986 Los Angeles Angels Area Scout
Andy McKay 1996 Seattle Mariners Director of Player Development
Chris Michalak 1991 Miami Marlins Player Development- Pitching
Dave Miller 1994 LaSalle University Head Coach
Ray Montgomery 1989 Milwaukee Brewers Vice-President, Scouting
Kevin Morgan 1989 - New York Mets Minor League Field Coordinator
Greg Norton 1992 Boston Red Sox Roving Hitting Intstructor
Rouglas Odor 0 Cleveland Indians Minor League Manager
Mike Pagliarulo 0 Miami Marlins Hitting Coach
Chris Pittaro 1981 - Oakland A's Special Assistant to General Manager
Phil Pohl 0 Oakland A's Bullpen Catcher
Gus Quattlebaum 1995 - 1996 Boston Red Sox Vice President / Professional Scouting
Kevin Reese 1999 New York Yankees Senior Director, Player Development
Dewey Robinson 0 Tampa Bay Rays Minor League Pitching Coordinator
Dewey Robinson 1975 - Houston Astros Minor League Pitching Coordinator
Jorge Robles 1985 - Tampa Bay Devil Rays Minor League Coach
Andrew Salvo 1996 San Diego Padres Scouting Supervisor
Matt Sherman 2005 - 2006 Chicago Cubs Area Scout
Kyle Snyder 1998 Tampa Bay Rays Pitching Coach
Todd Steverson 1991 - Chicago White Sox Hitting Coach
Steve Stone 1969 Chicago White Sox TV Announcer
Jeff Taylor 1976 - Texas Rangers National Crosschecker (Scout)
J.T. Watkins 2011 Boston Red Sox Advance Scouting Assistant


Name Years Team Position
Deskaheh Bomberry 2000 - Sacramento City CC Asst. Coach
Scott Bradley 1979 - 1980 Princeton Head Coach
Scott Friedholm 1996 - Boston College Pitching Coach
Glen Gardner 1987 - Rutgers Asst. Coach
Rich Hill 1990 - 1993 San Diego Head Coach
Chad Holbrook 1992 - College of Charleston Head Coach
Matt Hyde 1995 - 1996 Harvard Asst. Coach
Neil Ioverio 1993 - Kean (NJ) University Head Coach
Tyson Kimm 1993 Perfect Game Vice President
Tyler Kincaid 2005 - 2009 University of San Diego Pitching Coach
Paul Kostacopoulous 1988 - U.S. Naval Academy Head Coach
Matt LaBranche 1994 - Eastern Connecticut State Head Coach
Mark Leavitt 1995 - Kansas City Royals Scout
Henry Manning 1988 Pace Head Coach
Tom Riginos 1988 - Winthrop Head Coach
Jim Sherman 1980 - 1981 Delaware Head Coach
Jon Strauss 1997 - 1998 Baylor University Pitching Coach
Bob Whalen - 1989 Dartmouth Head Coach