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Chatham A's and the 2005 First Year Player Draft

by Bob Sherman
Saturday, June 25, 2005

Chatham Anglers
The Chatham A's Alumni were well represented in Major League Baseball' First Year Player Draft held on June 7, and 8, 2005.

The following former A's were drafted and we will hopefully be seeing them professionally playing in different parts of the country as they start their professional careers. Congratulations!

Stephen Head (2004) Cleveland Indians Round 2
Ryan Mullins (2004) Minnesota Twins Round 3
Mike Billek (2004) Chicago Cubs Round 3
Chris Getz (2003, 2004) Chicago White Sox Round 4
James Avery (2003, 2004) Cincinnati Reds Round 5
Neil Jamison (2003) San Diego Padres Round 6
Jake Muyco (2004) Chicago Cubs Round 8
Robert Parnell (2004) New York Mets Round 9
Jason Delaney (2003) Pittsburgh Pirates Round 12
Paul Witt (2003) Florida Marlins Round 15
David Huff (2004, 2005) Philadelphia Phillies Round 19
Ben Ingold (2004) Oakland A's Round 24
John Defendis (2004) Chicago Cubs Round 29
Matt Anderson (2003) New York Mets Round 31
Glenn Swanson (2003, 2004) Texas Rangers Round 49
Kyle Mura (2004) Chicago Cubs Round 49

In addition, best wishes to Kevin Slowey who was originally on the A's roster for 2005, but was drafted in the second round and signed.