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Health Issues Force Holliday to Leave Chatham Anglers

by Chatham Athletic Association
Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Health Issues Force Holliday to Leave Chatham Anglers
Assistant Coach Lees Named Acting Manager for Balance of 2023

Tom Holliday has stepped down as manager of the Chatham Anglers due to personal health reasons.

Marty Lees, former Washington State University head baseball coach and one of Holliday’s 2023 assistant coaches, will take over as Acting Manager for the remainder of the 2023 season.

In a heartfelt letter to the Chatham Athletic Association Board of Directors, Holliday wrote, “It is with great sadness that I am leaving the team at this time, I will truly miss the players, coaches and support staff of our 2023 Anglers team.” (Complete letter below.)

Steve West, CAA President, said, “Tom was always a players-first manager and that leaving at this time was a very emotional and difficult decision. Tom was battling to finish the season, but stepping away now was absolutely the correct decision.

“Tom did a great job in Chatham during his five-year tenure and the assistant coaching staff that he assembled is more than capable of continuing to lead the Chatham Anglers team.”

Mike Geylin, Anglers general manager, added, “I know Tom’s concern for this team, for every team he assembled at every level during his coaching career, makes this decision especially difficult. But it is the right decision; his health comes before any game.

“Even after rendering his decision, Tom has continued to advise our players about their roles and future within baseball, something he is uniquely qualified to do based on his life experience.”

Holliday’s resignation letter:

Tom Holliday resignation letter | July 11, 2023