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Ben Hampton named to CCBL All-League team

by Anish Vasudevan
Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Ben Hampton named to CCBL All-League team

Ben Hampton was named to the Cape Cod Baseball League's All-League team for his play with Chatham this summer.

Hampton struck out 49 batters with a 2.31 ERA on the season. He was the most used and consistent pitcher for the Anglers, pitching 42.2 innings ' the next closest was Nick Regalado, who pitched 23.2 innings. Hampton was one of Chatham's five selections for the All-Star game, earning the Ed Baird Outstanding Pitcher Award at the end of the season as well.

Hampton used unorthodox methods when he was younger to hone his skills as a 'slow lefty,' asking his dad to put a dowel through a baseball so he could practice his spin on the ball. But His curiosity led him to use 'resources' around him to his advantage, blending advice from anyone into his own game.

'If there was a 10-year-old that told me I should try this, I would try it,' Ben said. 'You never know who can teach you something, you always just have to listen to people.'

On July 30, Hampton stayed on the mound for all nine innings. It was the first nine-inning complete game in the Cape Cod Baseball League since 2017. He faced 28 batters, striking out nine in Chatham's 1-1 tie against Bourne.

'That was the best outing I've seen in my four years in Cape Cod,' Chatham manager Tom Holliday said about Hampton's performance.