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Chatham's 5-game win streak ends with 7-3 loss at Cotuit

by Anish Vasudevan
Friday, July 22, 2022

Chatham's 5-game win streak ends with 7-3 loss at Cotuit

COTUIT ' Cooper Ingle got on base first for the Anglers via his 23rd walk of the season in the second inning. Two innings later, he worked a full count with Marcus Brown and Roc Riggio on second and third.

Ingle took a practice swing before facing the eighth pitch of his at-bat, which he lined a ball into center field. Marcus Brown and Riggio raced toward home, stepping on the plate seconds away from each other, but Enrique Bradfield made the easy catch to retire the side and hold Chatham scoreless.

The Anglers put two runners on base again with two outs in the next inning, bringing Jake DeLeo into the batter's box. He slid the top of his bat in front of home plate before making weak contact on a ball that dribbled in front of third baseman Caleb Ketchup. Ketchup made the throw to first on one hop to finish the inning.

Riggio extended his hitting streak to nine games in the seventh inning with a two-RBI double for Chatham's second and third runs. But it was too late to stop the bleeding from the Anglers pitching staff, who surrendered seven runs to Cotuit in the first five innings. The umpires then called the game due to darkness after eight innings, sealing a 7-3 Chatham loss due to a performance that reminded manager Tom Holliday of Chatham's losses at the beginning of the season.

'It's kind of a flip-flop of what we've been doing,' Holliday said about the loss. 'That kind of reminded me of what we did early (in the season).'

Cam Brown immediately found a rhythm on the mound, using his changeup to strike out Bradfield before CJ Kayfus swung over an inside pitch for the final out.

In his second inning on the mound, Cam Brown hit Tyler Johnson on the top of his back. Carter Trice then made early contact on a 3-0 offering, bouncing the ball past a diving Johnny Castagnozzi inside the third base line and advancing Johnson to third with a double.

Cotuit loaded the bases after Eddie Park walked, and Johnson sprinted home following a soft hit from Caleb Lomavita that dropped in front of Chuck Ingram in right fielder. Cam Brown continued to lose command over his pitches, sending Trice home with a bases-loaded walk.

Roc Riggio started a double play off a grounder from Ketchup, but with no outs on the board before Ketchup's at-bat, the Kettleers' notched their third run of the inning. Cam Brown heaved 26 pitches in the second inning alone.

Ben Peterson came onto the mound for the Anglers midway through the bottom of the fourth. He appeared to hit Bradfield in the foot on the first pitch of the fifth inning, but the hit-by-pitch was overturned following a meeting between the umpires. Cotuit manager Mike Roberts was thrown out after contesting the call.

Bradfield reached first anyways after working a walk, bringing Kayfus to the plate. Kayfus fouled the first two pitches he saw before belting the third to right field. Lyle Miller-Green backpedaled, but the ball landed over the fence to give the Kettleers a 6-0 lead. Holliday said Peterson struggled because he threw two innings in the bullpen, waiting to come in for Cam Brown.

'Peterson had a tough job,' Holliday said. 'For him to come in and not be sharp, that kind of falls on the piggyback theory.'

In the sixth inning, after Riggio lined the ball straight into Harlan's glove and Ketchup dove in the infield to catch Marcus Brown's hit, Miller-Green walked. Harlan notched an error after a grounder from Ingle bounced past his glove, giving the Anglers their first run of the night.

Grice stepped into the batter's box, fouling the first pitch thrown at him from Ty Johnson. He then found the same luck as Riggio and Marcus Brown, roping the ball directly into Kayfus' glove near first base.

'Sometimes you take a good swing and it just gets caught, sometimes you hit the ball hard and you hit it right at someone,' Riggio said. 'It's just unlucky.'