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Chatham regains lead twice, but can't sustain it in 6-6 tie to Y-D

by Anish Vasudevan
Sunday, July 10, 2022

Chatham regains lead twice, but can't sustain it in 6-6 tie to Y-D

Caden Grice, Chatham's only two-way player, has come in multiple times this season when the Anglers' bullpen has struggled. On Sunday, he came in to stop the bleeding after Trevor Martin had allowed four runs. He posted three straight 1-2-3 innings.

With shadows covering the majority of Red Wilson Field in the bottom of the ninth, Grice started to lose command of his fastball and slider. He walked two batters before Chase Meidroth sent a grounder right back to the mound.

Grice elected to fire to second but his throw went to the side of Roc Riggio's outstretched glove, and Jack Costello crossed home plate, tying the game.

The bottom of the ninth and Martin's performance were the only blemishes in the Anglers 6-6 tie against Yarmouth-Dennis. Chatham continued its offensive improvements from the latter part of this season with six runs on nine hits, regaining the lead twice in the game. Riggio's two hits brought in three runs, but Chatham's bullpen and defense folded in the most important moments.

'That's the best game we've played,' manager Tom Holliday said. 'We didn't quit, we didn't roll over, we played until the end.'

The majority of the Anglers' runs came in the sixth inning, helped by Riggio's second hit of the night. Mitchell Daly had fouled the last three pitches to start the frame, smacking the last one toward Yarmouth-Dennis' bullpen. He walked back into the box with two outs and a full count, touching the plate once with his bat before taking another whack.

This time, Daly's hit flew into the air, falling toward shallow right field. Homer Bush Jr. dove for the ball, but he lost sight of it in the sun while Johnny Castagnozzi crossed home plate.

Riggio followed suit on the other side of the batter's box, bringing Daly home with his second knock to left field. Jack Rubenstein then notched his first hit of the 2022 season, rocketing a double to deep left-center to score Riggio.

Jake DeLeo brought Rubenstein home for the Anglers' final run, sending a grounder down the third base line that skipped under the glove of the first baseman.

The Anglers took their first lead of the game after the Red Sox pulled off a suicide squeeze in the second inning. They couldn't immediately respond with their bats in the third, spraying groundouts around the infield, but Riggio stepped up to the plate in the fourth inning.

With two outs, Riggio smacked the first pitch he saw into the outfield. The ball looped toward left center before the wind shifted it closer to the left field line, landing just right of Luke Shliger. Cooper Ingle and Lyle Miller-Green touched home plate to give Chatham a 2-1 lead.

Miller-Green dove headfirst into shallow right field in the next frame, losing his sunglasses as he snagged the ball in his left-handed glove. But it fell out.

Yarmouth-Dennis loaded the bases, bringing Shliger into the batter's box. Shliger made up for his missed catch, driving the ball into center field to score two runs. Martin then sent a pitch into the ground, and Fernando Gonzalez reached home with the cloud of dirt still airborne.

Martin left his right hanging below his waist before sending the next pitch. Cole Carrigg fouled, but he smacked the next ball back to DeLeo. Shliger crossed home plate before Martin struck out the last batter, putting his hand up to the dugout, taking the fault for the costly frame.