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WATCH: "The Chatham Experience" Short Film

by Chatham Athletic Association
Friday, September 01, 2017


“The Chatham Experience”

An original short film by Casey Hamel



“There’s Cape Cod, then there’s Chatham.”

-Evan Metropoulos, longtime Chatham A’s fan


“The Chatham Experience” is a documentary exploring what makes Chatham Anglers baseball and the town of Chatham unique. The Cape Cod Baseball League is unlike any other league, and Chatham, Massachusetts is unlike any other baseball town in the country. In this film, Anglers coaches, players, board members, and fans go in-depth on what makes this baseball community special.


Featured interviews include:

-Ed Baird, Chatham A’s Pitcher (1965-67) & Chatham Anglers Treasurer

-Jack Bohman, Longtime Chatham A’s Host Parent

-Peter Burns, Chatham Anglers Public Address Announcer

-Dan D’Uva, Chatham A’s Announcer (2003-2008) & Chatham Anglers Media Consultant

-Matt Fincher, Chatham A’s Assistant Coach (1997-2006)

-Paul Galop, Chatham A’s Team President (1996-2003) & Cape Cod Baseball League Commissioner

-Robbie Grenier, Chatham Anglers Groundskeeper

-Landon Kay, Chatham Anglers Outfielder (2017)

-Shea Langeliers, Chatham Anglers Catcher (2017)

-Ron Mack, Longtime Chatham A’s Fan

-Evan Metropoulos, Longtime Chatham A’s Fan

-Geoff Phillips, Chatham Anglers Assistant Coach

-John Schiffner, Chatham Anglers Manager

-Bob Sherman, Chatham Anglers Vice President

-Peter Troy, Chatham A’s Team President/Board Member (1990-2009)

-Linda & Joe Ullian, Longtime Chatham A’s Fans

-Steve West, Chatham Anglers Team President