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Take Five with Nick Rand

by Alexandra Russell
Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Take Five with Nick Rand

Chatham, Mass. — This evening, we’re taking five minutes in conversation with pitcher Nick Rand. Nick is a rising junior at UMass Lowell, and has been a key reliever on the mound for Chatham this season. He has recorded 17 strikeouts in as many innings, and has compiled an ERA of 4.23 in 11 outings — including seven scoreless trips — with the Anglers this summer.


When did you start playing baseball'

Rand: I started playing baseball probably when I was three or four, back home in New York starting with tee ball and everything. It’s a normal thing back home, there’s nothing really else to do.

You just finished your sophomore year at UMass Lowell. How did you decide to go there — did you think about other schools'

Rand: Yeah, I looked at other schools — I’m from New York, so I looked at a lot of schools in New York, but once I visited UMass Lowell, I pretty much just felt home with the area and everything. It just felt like a really good fit once I stepped right on it.

What do you think the biggest difference has been between Cape League and college baseball'

Rand: The competition is absolutely the best in the country, so it’s like I’m surrounded by all these dudes that are just as good or way better than me, so it’s like you’ve got to deal with it and you have to learn from them. I’m learning so much this summer and everything, and I thank all of them for that.

What will you take away from this summer — friendships, skills etc.'

Rand: Most of these guys we play throughout the year — I know [Dan] Metzdorf from school because he goes to BC [Boston College] obviously, but I’m going to be playing most of these guys this upcoming year and next year. So it’s like I’m going to see them all the time, the friendships and everything, and learning from everyone and their skills and trying to pick up some fun little crooks that you can bring back.

Do you have a favorite major league team and player'

Rand: I’m from New York, so it’s got to be the Yankees. My favorite player growing up obviously was Derek Jeter because I was born in 96, and that’s when he came into the league and everything. Growing up just watching him, I wish I was a shortstop, but it didn’t pan out that way [laughs].

Do you have a favorite meal or food that you like to eat on game days'

Rand: [Laughs] I have like the worst diet ever, like it’s bad. All these guys make fun of me because I have sour cream and onion chips all the time, and I have gummi bears. I always eat gummi bears or Skittles or something, but recently I’ve just been stocking up on chips and they all make fun of me because I’m the chip guy. 

Did you play any other sports growing up'

Rand: Yeah, I played a bunch of sports — I played football, basketball, I played some soccer. But pretty much as the years went by, in high school I had to sacrifice every sport, just… I loved baseball way more. I didn’t like getting hit in football at all, but baseball was the fit.

Do you have any pregame rituals or routines that you do to get in the zone'

Rand: No not really, I pretty much try and have a good attitude when I go up there. If I do bad, I don’t really try and get pissed off, I just learn from what I’ve done and everything. I’m not really one to like throw a glove or anything — I’m angry with myself because I always think I can do better than what I did, but I just learn from what I’ve done.

If you had a walkout song, what would it be'

Rand: This past year, I had Into The Jungle by Jay-Z, but my freshman year when I actually did well it was … Pocketful of Sunshine. Freshman year, every single time I went out — I had like twentysomething appearances, so you would literally just hear Pocketful of Sunshine every other game. It was hilarious. So I’d probably go back to Pocketful of Sunshine because I did well back then, way better. It got everyone going, everyone laughing so I liked that.

What has been your favorite thing about the Cape this summer'

Rand: Just the people. I mean coming here I’ve been told so many things that I’m going to love and everything, but I really didn’t realize that I’d love it out here until I met everyone that just welcomed me with open arms, with my host family, Sherie [Bush] obviously and all the coaches, especially Schiff [John Schiffner]. He’s one of the best coaches I’ve ever had, and just all the people in Chatham that come out to the games and everything — that’s what I love about it most.


The Anglers take on the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox at Veterans Field tonight. First pitch is scheduled for 7 p.m.