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24 Anglers selected in MLB draft

by Jesse Dougherty
Sunday, June 08, 2014

24 Anglers selected in MLB draft

After three days and 40 rounds of the MLB Draft, 23 past and present Anglers were selected by professional franchises. Five players were selected from the 2014 roster, 15 players from the 2013 roster and five players from the 2012 team. Andrew Chin (2013, 2014), Sheehan Planas-Arteaga (2013, 2014) and Landon Lassiter (2013, 2014) were the three multi-year Anglers selected. 

Chatham had 18 players selected last year, 27 players selected in 2012 and 19 in 2011.   

Connor Joe (2013) was the first Angler picked when the Pirates selected him with the 39th overall pick and from there, a long list of Chatham players started to dot the draft board. Here’s a full list of the Chatham players that were selected in the draft that commenced Thursday night before concluding Saturday evening. 

1st round (Competitive Balance)

Connor Joe (2013) — Pittsburgh Pirates (39th overall)

2nd round

Nick Burdi (2012) — Minnesota Twins (46th overall)

3rd round

J.D. Davis (2013) — Houston Astros (75th overall)

Aaron Brown (2012) — Philadelphia Phillies (81st overall)

4th round

Chad Sobotka (2013) — Atlanta Braves (133rd overall)

5th round

Michael Russell (2013) — Tampa Bay Rays (157th overall)

6th round 

Louie Lehich (2012) — Chicago White Sox (168th overall)

7th round

Dale Carey (2012) — Washington Nationals (214th overall)

8th round

Connor Spencer (2014 temp) — New York Yankees (242nd overall)

Hunter Redman (2013) — Los Angeles Dodgers (249th overall)

9th round

Mike Fagan (2012) — Oakland Athletics (282nd overall)

10th round

Matt Gage (2013) — San Francisco Giants (298th overall)

11th round

Richard Prigatano (2013) — Colorado Rockies (323rd overall)

13th round 

Chris Rabago (2014 temp) — Colorado Rockies (383rd overall)

15th round

Lukas Schiraldi (2013) — Seattle Mariners (441st overall)

Andrew Chin (2013, 2014) — New York Yankees (452nd overall)

Jimmy Pickens (2013) — Cincinnati Reds (455nd overall)

24th round

Sheehan Planas-Arteaga (2013, 2014) — Seattle Mariners (711th overall)

Lucas Long (2014) — Baltimore Orioles (721th overall)

27th round

David Speer (2013) — Cleveland Indians (818th overall)

28th round

Landon Lassiter (2013, 2014) — Colorado Rockies (833rd overall)

29th round

Aaron Garza (2013) — Milwaukee Brewers (166th overall)

30th round

Ryan Atwood (2012) — San Diego Padres (897th overall)

33rd round 

Dominic Moreno (2013) — St. Louis Cardinals (1,005th overall)