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Anglers Spend Off Day at Historic Fenway Park

by Chris Jones
Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Anglers Spend Off Day at Historic Fenway Park
On Monday, the Chatham Anglers and the rest of the Cape League got the rare opportunity to experience historic Fenway Park.

"It is like a dream come true," Mitch Gunsolus (Gonzaga) said. "You have got all of the history of the park, and all of the legends that have played on that field. It is awesome."

The day was all a part of a day put on by the Boston Red Sox organization to give players from all over the Cape League to come and see Fenway Park, tour the stadium and the facilities, but mostly, display their skills to a bevy of scouts in attendance.

Events included taking batting practice, running the 60-yard dash, and even just shagging fly balls in the hallowed Fenway outfield.

"We all were really in awe at being there," Michael Russell (North Carolina) said. "Everyone had their phones out taking pictures. It was an unbelievable experience."

For Sheehan Planas-Arteaga (Barry U), whose favorite player is Ted Williams, the experience of standing where Williams one stood in his playing days was surreal.

"It was one of the coolest things I have ever been a part of as a baseball player, and will be something I never forget," Planas-Arteaga said. "Fenway Park is like 'The Vatican' of baseball in terms of history."

photo by Chelsea Capwell/Chatham Anglers
Some of the Angler players await their turn to take batting practice at Fenway Park

The famed Green Monster in left field, standing over 37 feet tall and sitting only 310 feet from home plate, loomed over the Anglers as they readied themselves for batting practice.

There was one objective: Get a hold of a ball, and drive it over 'The Monster'.

"I know that was my objective, Russell said. "With all the history around it, how could it not be your objective to get one over'"

In front of several MLB scouts from all 30 teams, the Anglers continued with their normal, everyday batting practice routine.

The batting practice segment was highlighted by Richard Prigatano (Long Beach State), who hit four total home runs, including three consecutive over the Green Monster. The last one travelled over the monster and out of the ballpark.

"I was definitely aiming for it," Prigatano said. "I wish I could say I wasn't, but with the Green Monster right there, I was definitely trying to get a ball over."

Jimmy Pickens (Michigan State) and J.D Davis (Cal State Fullerton) also showed their power with home runs during the batting practice session.

When the day was finished, all that was left for the Anglers to do was stand and soak in the experience of getting to play on the famous Fenway Park field.

"As a kid, you dream of getting to be on that field, and hitting balls off of the Green Monster," Hunter Redman (Texas Tech) said. "It was an honor knowing guys in the past, like Ted Williams, and even current guys like David Ortiz, have played on that field."