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        Sue Thomas, our Housing Coordinator, collaborates with Mike Geylin (General Manager) and Stewart Hesch (Assistant General
        Manager) to ensure our players, coaches and broadcasters are housed.   It is a daunting task and we are very thankful to Sue for her
                                    dedicated commitment to handle this important responsibility.

        The families and individuals listed below have the gratitude and appreciation of the Chatham Athletic Association, our coaches,
        and our players for their willingness to share their homes with our team.  The importance of our host families cannot be overstated
                                       because without them we literally could not field a team!

                  Laura & Stan Caskey                  Dr. Mary Ann Harwood                 Marilyn & Gene Sink
                      Pat Caswell                          Annie Holton                    Barbara & Peter Starkey
                 Ashley & David Condon                      Jen Kangas                      Kim, Jim & Jake Terrio
                     Sue & Bill Daly                      Debbie LaMotte                    Susan & Steve West
                Maria & Thadd Eldredge                   Jan & John Newton                     Marie Williams
                   Ellen & Bill Garvey          Parker, Cathy & Dr. Timothy Jayasundera    Jennifer & Steve Wright
                                                            Mayla Secola

        Please consider opening your home to a Chatham Anglers player, coach or broadcaster.  Hosting opens doors to establishing
                                         relationships and fond memories for years to come.
                  If you are interested in hosting please contact Sue Thomas at 774-836-0112 or

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