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        After having no Cape League baseball in 2020 it was great to   across the country.  While we may see some returning faces
        have baseball back at Veterans Field in 2021.  From opening day   for at least part of the season (e.g. Dom Tamez, Johnny Castag-
        through the end of the season the crowds were large, and their   nozzi, Caden Grice, Jake DeLeo, Sebastian Keene, Cy Nielson)
        enthusiastic  support of our Chatham Anglers was fantastic.     the vast majority of our Angler roster will be comprised of new
        Tom Holliday and his coaches again assembled a team that was   faces.  To augment any returning players Coach Holliday has
        exciting to watch, and the Anglers really hit their stride toward   assembled a highly talented group of new players to wear the
        the end of the season, winning six of their final eight games.     Angler blue pinstripes.  Offensively Chatham will be bolstered
        Despite the strong finish, a shorter season and a reduced play-  by 6 players hitting over .300 late in their college seasons.  They
        off format (only two teams from each division made the play-  are Noah Ledford (Georgia Southern), Cooper Ingle (Clemson),
        offs) kept the Anglers out of the Cape League playoffs for the   Guy Garibay (Rice), Jack Moss (Texas A&M), and Marcus Brown
        first time since 2017.  Unfortunately, Tom and his coaches were   (Oklahoma State).  On the mound the Anglers are bringing sev-
        hampered by more in-season player turnover than usual, with   eral  top  prospect  pitchers  to Chatham  including  Miquel Ful-
        the MLB draft, Team USA defections, and Covid protocols all   gencio (Cowley CC), Ben Peterson (Florida Southwest), Magnus
        contributing to the high player turnover.               Ellerts (Florida), William Carston (McClennan CC), Ricky Williams
                                                                (Clemson), LeBarron Johnson (Texas), Wyatt Evans (Tennessee).
        The 2021 Anglers were led on offense by Danny Serretti (North   All of the aforementioned hurlers have E.R.A.’s below 3.00 late in
        Carolina) who led the team with a .282 batting average, Max   their college seasons.
        Romero (Vanderbilt) who had 5 home runs (3 in one game) to
        go along with 20 RBI’s, Lyle Miller-Green (George Mason) who   There you have it, the coaches are ready, the players have been
        led the league with 28 RBI’s while finishing second in the league   carefully selected, and now it’s time to watch the 2022 season
        with 8 home runs, and by all-star selection Josh Rivera who led   unfold.  We are confident the season will contain plenty of ex-
        the Anglers with 29 hits and 11 walks.                  citement, a great deal of joy, and probably a few tears too.  A
                                                                typical Cape Cod Baseball League summer!
        Chatham’s  pitching  staff was led  by Adam Tulloch  (West Vir-
        ginia) with 8 outings, including 5 starts, covering 29 innings.
        Sebastian Keane (Northeastern) 7 outings, 3 starts, and Victor
        Mederos (Miami) 7 outings, 4 starts were also anchors in both
        starting and relief roles.   Shining primarily in bullpen roles were
        Cade Winquest (Texas Arlington) and Trevor Martin (Oklahoma
        State) who both had 2.79 ERA’s over 8 appearances.
        While it’s enjoyable to talk about the successes of 2021, it’s
        even more fun to talk about the upcoming 2022 season.  We
        are excited that Tom Holliday, pitching coach Dennis Cook, and
        Infielder coach Randy Whisler are again returning to lead the
        Anglers in 2022.  Tom and his coaches have again assembled
        an impressive roster of talented baseball players from schools

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