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MERCHANDISE                                                          BUSINESS SUPPORT

Our merchandise store at the rear of the Veterans Field press        We are greatly appreciative of the major financial support we
box is once again offering a full line of Anglers merchandise (e.g.  receive annually from Chatham Bars Inn, the Chatham Squire,
hats, long/short sleeved shirts, jackets, hoodies/sweatshirts,       Cape Cod Five, and the Red Nun. We also receive generous
jerseys and other great stuff!) so make sure to stop by and check    support from many other local merchants who step up to
out all our new items! Buy early and buy often to ensure you         advertise & promote with us each year. We extend our deepest
have enough Angler gear to proudly display your loyal Angler         thanks and appreciation to all these businesses for their support.
support. Ed Baird and Deb Kavey are back again and they,             We also thank Lee Schmitt, Stewart Hesch, and Brian Voelkel for
with their capable & friendly staff (Finn & Rory Day, Max Gillott,   their invaluable help canvassing the local business community
Amy Hinesley, Jack & Richard Kavey, and Katie Streeter), will be     to secure the advertising for this book. Please support the
happy to assist you in making your selections. For your ease         generous businesses and services that are listed within the
of shopping year round (think holidays & birthdays), much of         pages of this book, as they have all shown their support for our
the Angler quality line of merchandise can also be purchased         Organization!
online at www. and at several downtown
Chatham store locations including Chatham Hardware, Mahi             HOUSING
Gold, the Chatham Clothing Bar, the Chatham T Kids Store, and
the Chatham Clothing Company.                                        Securing host families to provide 35+ beds for our baseball
                                                                     players, coaches, and broadcasters is a daunting and important
CONCESSION STAND                                                     task. This difficult and time-consuming responsibility has been
                                                                     successfully coordinated this year by Sue Thomas. Our heartfelt
Our totally refurbished ‘Snack Shack’ concession stand is a must     thanks go out to Sue for her excellent skill at putting together
stop during your Anglers game experience. We are grateful and        the jigsaw puzzle (matching players with host families). We are
thankful that Kathy Olsen will again return to coordinate our        also very thankful and appreciative for the generosity our host
concession operations, ably assisted by her son Sean. At the         families exhibit in opening their homes to accept these young
Snack Shack you will again be greeted and served by several          men into their summer routine. It truly is a win-win experience
smiling faces, (Alex Gillott, Maggie Gray, Jack Kavey, Megan and     for all as many of our former players have developed long-term
Mark Streeter), most of whom are familiar returnees from prior       friendships with their host families. We proudly recognize our
years. Our very own ‘grillmaster’ Paul Condon, returns to again      host families in this book. If you have interest in becoming an
oversee our burger operation, and he often has assistance from       Anglers host family, please contact Sue Thomas at 774-836-
Will Leger. The ‘Snack Shack’ provides all the standard fare (e.g.   0112 or
hot dogs, chili dogs, grilled burgers, pizza, popcorn, peanuts,
candy bars, Angler logo cookies, water/soft drinks/powerade)         PASS THE HAT COLLECTION & 50/50 RAFFLE
plus a few healthy snack bar options too. Proceeds from every
sale benefit our Chatham Athletic Association, so please come        Lee Schmitt, assisted by Janet Lewis and Rosanne Geylin, along
hungry and eat up!                                                   with special guest appearances by Bill Dykstra, numerous
                                                                     volunteers, interns and Angler players, all do an excellent job
MEMBERSHIP                                                           handling these two important tasks. We are very thankful for
                                                                     their diligent efforts coordinating our information table and
Funding received from our annual membership drive is                 passing through the crowd urging you to participate in the
essential to ensure our Organization provides Angler fans with a     50/50 raffle and to contribute a donation when we “pass the
wonderful game day Veterans Field experience. A hearty thank         hat”. The 50/50 raffle is a great opportunity for you to support
you to everyone who has responded to our plea to become              our Organization and to win several valuable prizes, including
a 2019 Chatham Athletic Association member. If you haven’t           the grand prize of ½ the raffle cash. All prizes, other than the
yet donated to become a member, a membership card can be             grand prize, are generously provided by local businesses. Raffle
found on page 55 of this souvenir book, or at the information        tickets can be purchased from our players and volunteers when
table behind our press box during home games, or on our              they pass through the grandstand, or at our information table website. Your generous support is very            near the press box. The monies collected from our“pass the hat”
much needed by our Organization and is greatly appreciated           and 50/50 raffle activities help defray our expenses (e.g. player
by our players, coaches, volunteers, and our Board. We proudly       post-game meals, uniforms, equipment, travel reimbursements,
recognize all of our current 800+ members in this Souvenir           field maintenance) so your generous participation in these
book.                                                                activities is greatly appreciated.

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