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The Chatham Athletic Association is ready to provide Angler fans with another summer
        of exciting baseball. This souvenir yearbook is full of information about our organization
        and our Chatham Anglers team. Our yearbook also lists and thanks our nearly 1,000
contributing members, our 2018 capital campaign donors, our local business sponsors, the
Town of Chatham, and the many other individuals (e.g. volunteers, interns, host families, post-
game meal donors) who provide support to us each year. We are very appreciative of the town-
wide support we receive, it is an essential component in our ongoing effort to bring a first-class
Chatham Anglers baseball experience to Veterans Field.

Speaking of Veterans Field, we’ve helped bring two significant improvements to the ballpark.
First, the Town of Chatham, with significant financial assistance from our Organization, (thanks
to our generous donors) has installed a new bleacher system. The new bleachers, accented in
Angler blue, replace the structurally unsafe, non-ADA compliant bleachers that had been in
place since the 1960’s. We are very proud of the new seating structure because it accommodates
more fans than the old bleachers, and the new seating arrangement is much more accessible
and comfortable (no feet and rears on the same bleacher level). The new bleachers occupy a
similar footprint to the old bleachers, thus maintaining the historical‘bowl’seating area our fans have enjoyed for the past 50+ years.
The second improvement is our installation of a new outfield scoreboard that is brighter, easier to read, and provides more functions
than it’s predecessor. The old scoreboard served us well for almost 20 years, but it’s age, condition, and lack of technology made it
necessary for us to install a new board. The new bleachers and scoreboard were both installed to enhance your Chatham Anglers
game day experience, so we hope you enjoy these new amenities.

We are excited to bring you the 2019 Angler season, the Anglers second year under the tutelage of manager Tom Holliday. Tom and
his experienced staff led the Anglers to the championship playoff round in their inaugural season, sweeping Harwich and Brewster
in the first two playoff rounds, before falling to Wareham in the championship series. Reaching the championship series was the
furthest the Anglers had advanced in the playoffs since 2001, quite an exciting ending to a great season. We are confident that Tom
and his staff are again bringing a talented group of players to Chatham, and that the 2019 Anglers will again be in the hunt for the
Cape League title.

While attending an Anglers game be sure to get the full experience. Stop by our merchandise booth to browse and purchase
Anglers logo items, visit our concession stand to indulge in our wide array of delectable items, and enter our 50/50 raffle, your
chance to win money and great prizes generously provided by local merchants.

We are proud to bring you the best college baseball summer league in the country, a league where over 15% of the major league
players played. Enjoy the excellent baseball, the sound of wood bats, and after the game go on the field to get autographs
and pictures with our team. A great way to spend a summer evening! We hope you spend many enjoyable summer nights at
Veterans Field cheering on the Anglers and when you’re away from Chatham please follow the Anglers (home & away) live on our website broadcast.

The Chatham Athletic Association is very appreciative and thankful for your Chatham Anglers patronage and support. Have a great


Steve West
Chatham Athletic Association – President	

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