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'The ultimate team': How Chatham dominated the Cape League and cruised to the title in 1992

by Jake Klein on 08-15-2022

Before the crowd settled in at Whitehouse Field on a windy Saturday night in Harwich, Jeremy Carr walked on four pitches to start the season. He then stole second before moving to third on a groundout and racing home on a wild pitch. Before the Chatham A’s sent their cleanup hitter to the plate for the first time in 1992, they had the lead.

For the rest of the summer, they played from ahead.

“That was one of the best summers,” said John Schiffner, then an assistant coach u... (Continued)

Multiple former Anglers expected to appear in MLB playoffs

Posted on Oct 6, 2022

The newly formatted MLB playoffs begin Friday with four wild-card series. Four other teams received first-round byes. While the rosters for the wild-card round are yet to b... (Continued)

Ben Hampton named to CCBL All-League team

Posted on Sep 7, 2022

Ben Hampton was named to the Cape Cod Baseball League’s All-League team for his play with Chatham this summer.

Hampton struck out 49 batters with a 2.31 ERA on th... (Continued)

Inside the Press Box with Peter Burns | Chatham Anglers Films 2022

Posted on Aug 19, 2022

Get a peek inside the press box in this short film documenting the exuberant personality of Chatham public address announcer Peter Burns. With interviews and behind-the-sce... (Continued)

‘If you like ice cream you like baseball’: Behind Short ‘n’ Sweet’s bond with the Anglers

Posted on Aug 17, 2022

The old Veterans Field scoreboard was unmistakable. The piece of sheet metal, covered in holes to showcase the numbers 0-9 through light bulbs surrounded by tin cans, immed... (Continued)

11-27-2022- A look back at former Anglers in the 2022 MLB Playoffs
10-06-2022- Multiple former Anglers expected to appear in MLB playoffs
09-07-2022- Ben Hampton named to CCBL All-League team
08-19-2022- Inside the Press Box with Peter Burns | Chatham Anglers Films 2022
08-17-2022- ‘If you like ice cream you like baseball’: Behind Short ‘n’ Sweet’s bond with the Anglers
08-15-2022- 'The ultimate team': How Chatham dominated the Cape League and cruised to the title in 1992
08-12-2022- Revisiting the top 5 games of Chatham’s 2022 season
08-11-2022- Our favorite videos from the 2022 Anglers season
08-10-2022- Season wrap-up: The forces behind Chatham's late surge
08-04-2022- Chatham finishes strong, defeats Y-D in final game
08-04-2022- Chatham Anglers announce 2022 team award winners
08-03-2022- End of Season Sale at Veterans Field
08-03-2022- Game 44 Preview: Chatham vs. Y-D
08-02-2022- Game 43 Preview: Chatham at Harwich
08-02-2022- Chatham misses playoffs, but defeats Harwich 4-2 in final road game
08-01-2022- Email Frenzy Night, Anglers host Y-D
08-01-2022- Game 43 Preview: Chatham vs. Y-D
08-01-2022- Chatham's game against Y-D postponed due to rain
07-31-2022- Game 42 Preview: Chatham at Harwich
07-31-2022- Chatham pitching can’t contain Harwich offense in 12-5 loss
07-30-2022- Game 41 Preview: Chatham vs. Bourne
07-30-2022- Hampton's complete game helps Chatham tie Bourne
07-29-2022- Game 40 Preview: Falmouth at Chatham
07-29-2022- Caden Grice leads Chatham’s pitching staff in 1-1 tie against Falmouth
07-27-2022- Anthony Nunez’s grand slam provides ‘sigh of relief’ for Chatham in blowout win
07-27-2022- Game 39 Preview: Chatham at Falmouth
07-27-2022- Ben Hampton mastered his pitching style using ‘resources’ around him
07-27-2022- Riggio's second home run a 'game-ender' in Chatham's win over Falmouth
07-26-2022- Chatham falls late to Orleans, stalling playoff push
07-26-2022- Game 38 Preview: Cotuit at Chatham
07-25-2022- Game 37 Preview: Chatham at Orleans
07-22-2022- Anglers bats, Garibay Jr. pave way to 5th win in a row
07-22-2022- Nick Regalado, Carlos Rey started as Little League teammates before reuniting in Chatham
07-22-2022- 24 Anglers selected in 2022 MLB Draft
07-22-2022- Game 36 Preview: Chatham at Cotuit
07-22-2022- Chatham’s 5-game win streak ends with 7-3 loss at Cotuit
07-22-2022- Batting Practice with Caden Grice
07-21-2022- 'Situational awareness,' Wareham’s errors lead to Chatham’s 4th straight win
07-21-2022- Game 35 Preview: Chatham vs. Orleans
07-20-2022- With a chip on his shoulder, Evans leads Chatham to 3rd straight win
07-20-2022- Game 34 Preview: Chatham at Wareham
07-19-2022- Game 33 Preview: Chatham vs. Brewster
07-18-2022- Chatham avoids Harwich comeback, clinching back-to-back victories in 9-8 win
07-18-2022- John Daileanes' path to owning Veterans Field's best seats
07-17-2022- McFarlane helps turn tide in Chatham's win over Y-D
07-17-2022- 2022 MLB Draft Preview
07-17-2022- Game 32 Preview: Harwich at Chatham
07-17-2022- 5 Chatham players named CCBL All-Stars
07-16-2022- Game 31 Preview: Chatham at Y-D
07-15-2022- Chatham drops stunner after 9th-inning fiasco
07-15-2022- Game 30 Preview: Y-D at Chatham
07-15-2022- Chatham drops 3rd straight game in 4-1 loss to Y-D
07-14-2022- Game 29 Preview: Chatham at Bourne
07-13-2022- Chatham's offense proves itself again in tie with Wareham
07-13-2022- Game 28 Preview: Hyannis at Chatham
07-13-2022- Unable to catch, Cooper Ingle’s thrived as Chatham’s ‘pest’ of a designated hitter
07-13-2022- Former Chatham player John Schneider named interim manager of the Toronto Blue Jays
07-13-2022- Chatham’s bullpen, defense struggle in 7-3 loss to Hyannis
07-12-2022- Game 27 Preview: Chatham at Wareham
07-10-2022- Game 26 Preview: Chatham at Y-D
07-10-2022- Chatham regains lead twice, but can't sustain it in 6-6 tie to Y-D
07-09-2022- Game 25 Preview: Orleans at Chatham
07-09-2022- Cooper Ingle’s walk-off highlights late offensive momentum in 3-2 win over Orleans
07-08-2022- Chatham can't keep pace with Brewster in 9-6 loss
07-08-2022- Game 24 Preview: Chatham at Brewster
07-08-2022- Chatham folds at 'twilight' in 4-4 tie to Brewster
07-07-2022- 'We let one get away': Chatham ties Harwich after ninth-inning collapse
07-07-2022- Game 23 Preview: Brewster at Chatham
07-07-2022- Jake DeLeo’s ‘old school’ methods turned him into the player he is today
07-06-2022- Game 22 Preview: Harwich at Chatham
07-06-2022- Reunion broadcast, flyover to take place on July 9
07-04-2022- Game 21 Preview: Orleans at Chatham
07-04-2022- Chatham starts over offensively in 7-1 win over Orleans
07-03-2022- Game 20 Preview: Chatham at Orleans
07-03-2022- Anglers' recent transactions shift roster
07-03-2022- Chatham's bats fail to support pitchers in loss to Orleans
07-02-2022- Chatham comes up short against Bourne, drops fourth consecutive game
07-02-2022- Game 19 Preview: Chatham at Harwich
07-02-2022- Jake DeLeo home run secures 1-1 tie against Harwich
07-01-2022- Game 18 Preview: Bourne at Chatham
07-01-2022- Special Event: Chatham to honor Lyons, Fincher, Schiffner & Baird in July 4 pregame ceremony
07-01-2022- Behind the ‘majestic birds’ with the best seats at Veterans Field
06-30-2022- Orleans no-hits Chatham as offensive struggles come to a head
06-30-2022- WIN Reality helps Marcus Brown, CCBL players hone in on their skills
06-30-2022- Game 17 Preview: Y-D at Chatham
06-30-2022- Chatham’s sloppy defense, sputtering offense leads to 8-1 loss against Y-D
06-29-2022- Game 16 Preview: Chatham at Orleans
06-28-2022- Game 15 Preview: Chatham at Brewster
06-28-2022- Chatham’s dominant defense can’t spark offense throughout 2-0 loss to Brewster
06-26-2022- Games 13 and 14 Preview: Chatham at Hyannis
06-26-2022- Chatham goes winless in doubleheader with Hyannis
06-25-2022- Game 12 Preview: Brewster at Chatham
06-25-2022- Chatham defeats Brewster 7-2, reaches double-digit hits for 1st time this season
06-24-2022- Game 11 Preview: Chatham at Y-D
06-24-2022- Lack of offense, Red Sox's two home runs sink Chatham
06-23-2022- Game 10 Preview: Chatham at Cotuit
06-23-2022- Chatham scores early, can't preserve lead in 9-2 loss to Cotuit
06-22-2022- Game 9 Preview: Chatham at Bourne
06-22-2022- Chatham’s pitching falters at timely moments in 5-4 loss to Bourne
06-21-2022- Game 8 Preview: Falmouth at Chatham
06-21-2022- Offensive struggles return as Chatham falls to Falmouth
06-20-2022- Chatham’s returners boost offense in 2 wins over Wareham
06-19-2022- Games 6 and 7 Preview: Wareham at Chatham
06-19-2022- Chatham's game against Wareham postponed due to rain
06-18-2022- Game 5 Preview: Chatham at Brewster
06-18-2022- Chatham's offense stalls, can't back pitching in loss to Brewster
06-17-2022- Game 5 Preview: Chatham at Cotuit
06-16-2022- Game 4 Preview: Chatham at Falmouth
06-16-2022- Chatham's comeback falls short in loss to Falmouth
06-15-2022- Villaman didn’t make his varsity team as a freshman. But that helped him in the long run.
06-14-2022- Game 3 Preview: Hyannis at Chatham
06-14-2022- Chatham fails to bring offensive momentum into 1-1 tie against Hyannis
06-13-2022- Veterans Field brings community together for Anglers' season opener
06-13-2022- Game 2 Preview: Harwich at Chatham
06-13-2022- Dominant bullpen helps Chatham take down Harwich
06-12-2022- Game 1 Preview: Cotuit at Chatham
06-12-2022- Cotuit’s 4 hits against Chatham prove costly in 5-0 season-opening loss
06-11-2022- Letter from the Booth
06-11-2022- Chatham’s 2022 pitching staff breakdown
06-11-2022- Chatham’s 2022 position player breakdown
06-04-2022- Chatham Check-In: June 4
05-30-2022- 15 Chatham players on 2022 roster make NCAA Tournament
05-25-2022- Chatham Announces 2022 Roster
05-24-2022- Chatham Announces Visual Team for 2022 Season
05-19-2022- Chatham Check-In: May 19
05-18-2022- Chatham announces beat writers for 2022 season
05-05-2022- Chatham Check-In: May 5
04-21-2022- Chatham Check-In: April 21
04-07-2022- Chatham Check-In: April 7
03-29-2022- Chatham Announces Broadcasters for 2022 Season
02-09-2022- Chatham opens season June 12 as CCBL releases 2022 schedule
01-25-2022- The Chatham Athletic Association mourns the loss of former manager John Mayotte
01-03-2022- Cape League Opening Day set for June 12

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