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Anglers Practice Fundamentals

by Matt Jasko, 06-07-2015

Anglers Practice Fundamentals

“Pitchers, make sure you let that shortstop clear,” Coach Rob Bono instructed the youthful hurlers on the freshly-manicured infield of Veterans Field around noon today.

It was just one more item on a long list of fundamentals that the coaching staff reminded the players of during practice. The first half of the day consisted of defensive situations, including responding to bunts and steals. The second half brought a continuation of the situational theme on the offensive side as they performed sacrifice bunts, drag bunts, hit and runs, and hitting with various combinations of outs and base runners.

“You just got to do it,” Manager John Schiffner said of situational practice. “It’s all standard stuff. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything.”

Schiffner speaks to the team Sunday. 

To an outside, untrained observer, it may have seemed repetitive and dull. Indeed, there was nothing particularly fancy or special about the drills, and there were not a great number of individually-captivating plays. But slowly, minute by minute, play by play, time marched on while the level of the Anglers’ execution of fundamental concepts remained in a place of sharp, crisp, consistent, and clean baseball.

The players know and appreciate the importance of the seamless repetition of these fundamentals.

“Being able to execute the little things to perfection will help us win games,” Will Craig (Wake Forest) commented. “And it’s the teams that do the little things the best who usually succeed in the end.”

While the players do not have much time in Chatham under their belts yet, their increasingly impressive execution of the little things that Craig referred to makes it clear that they are already beginning to settle in.

“I think guys are taking better swings; they’re more fluent on ground balls,” Schiffner noted. “The more they play, the more confident and comfortable they’re going to get.”

The smooth transition is no doubt at least partially a result of the players’ work ethic and willingness to improve, but many of them are quick to draw attention to the role of the coaching staff.

“The coaches are always willing to give you extra help and stuff, and that’s awesome,” reflected infielder Zack Short (Sacred Heart).

Whatever the cause of the smooth transition has been, it's a good thing that it has been the case because Opening Day is already right around the corner-- June 9th at Veterans Field against Yarmouth-Dennis.


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