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Welcome to the New ChathamAs.com

by Dan D'Uva, 06-04-2007

Welcome to the New ChathamAs.com The Chatham Athletic Association is proud to introduce the second incarnation of ChathamAs.com, a modernized information and media center. Aside from the improved aesthetics and expanded functionality, the most important feature of the new site will be the timely presentation of Chatham A's news: original stories, game recaps, previews, special features and links to pertinent information from the Cape League and other websites.

The ChathamAs.com Home page welcomes you with a slideshow mixture of photographs which will be regularly updated during the season. Directly beneath the slideshow are previews of the three most recent Chatham A's News stories. A click on any of the three will open the full release, or you can sort through all of the A's News stories chronologically listed under A's News. The blue bar section of the page on the right-hand side will report the A's most current games. The Last Game blurb will also direct you to a menu for links related to the game. Details for the next game will be posted along with a seven-day snippet of the A's schedule. A's Extra is the primary source for the most frequented links by As fans: Chatham stats and the CCBL Pressbox area. Also included are links to media sections like the photo galleries and broadcast archives. Look for the most recent media downloads under the New Media heading.

The new schedule page will have detailed links from within an expandable menu for each game. News stories, photos and audio downloads and the box score will be accessible for each game played. The revamped players section will include a more comprehensive roster and detailed biographies for each player with stats updated throughout the season along with links to relevant news, interviews and highlight clips.

Broadcast Central is the main source for accessing elements of Chatham A's broadcasts. Detailed information about the many ways to watch and listen to live broadcasts will be available shortly. The Broadcast Archive area has the complete streaming or downloadable mp3 of each game from the last two seasons and more. 2007 games will be uploaded prompltly along with interviews and highlights. New in 2007, special feature legnth interviews will be posted in the A's In-Depth section for download. Also new for this summer will be "Thoughts From D'Uva's Dugout", a weekly commentary from A's broadcaster Dan D'Uva.

The CAA would like to thank Click Cape Cod for its tremendous effort in building the new ChathamAs.com, especially Eric Hynds.


CLICK HERE to view Chatham's Archive Page, complete with statistics, photos, rosters, alumni info, and more.

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