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Collins releases ‘Last Best League 10th Anniversary edition: One Summer, One Season, One Dream’

by Anglers Media Team, 07-03-2014

Collins releases ‘Last Best League 10th Anniversary edition: One Summer, One Season, One Dream’

A lot can happen in 10 years and in more ways than one, 2004 seems like the distant past. It’s when Facebook was launched, a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction shook the world and the hit show “Friends” went off the air. It’s also the year that Jim Collins’ “The Last Best League” — chronicling the 2002 Chatham A’s — was released. And because 10 years added both length and layers to the story of that team, Collins decided to revisit it with an anniversary edition

Jim Collins at Veterans Field
"The Last Best League" author Jim Collins.


“The new afterword is about the lessons they learned,” Collins said when he visited Veterans Field on June 27. “About the lessons they learned making it in baseball and not making it in baseball.”

The new edition is a re-release of the original “Last Best League” with a new 12,000-word afterword that answers the apt question: where are they now? The original story was an all-encompassing look at the 2002 team that ended with the players learning their fates in the 2003 MLB Draft. The afterword checks in with a handful of players to see how their stories played out, from Tim Stauffer to Jamie D’Anton to Chad Orvella and more.

Collins sold and signed copies at Yellow Umbrella Books a day after visiting Veterans Field, and it is being at sold at Yellow Umbrella, the Chatham Anglers merchandise tent below the press box and all major booksellers.

Paperback, electronic and audio books are available for purchase on amazon.com

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