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Chin calls Opening Day start ‘a privilege’

by Jesse Dougherty, 06-11-2014

Chin calls Opening Day start ‘a privilege’

Naming left-handed pitcher Andrew Chin (Boston College) the Anglers’ Opening Day starter seemed like an easy call for Chatham manager John Schiffner. And even if it was, that didn’t diminish Chin’s excitement when Schiffner approached him with the news. 

“I’m really excited for it. It’s a huge privilege,” Chin said after practice on Tuesday. “Coming in I wasn’t expecting to start right off the bat.”

The 2014 season will be Chin’s second with the Anglers, as he made seven starts and went 2-2 with a 6.45 ERA for Chatham last summer. He was particularly impressive in his sophomore season with Boston College this past spring, where he went 5-2 and had the lowest ERA (3.10) of the team’s starting staff. 

Chin’s Cape Cod experience coupled with his recent wave of success is what pushed Schiffner to peg him as the Opening Day starter, and first-year pitching coach Jake McCarter was certainly in agreement. 

“It’s kind of a no brainer thing,” McCarter said. “He had a great year at Boston College and for Chatham to roll out a guy that has already been through the fire here makes the decision a lot easier.”

With the honor of starting the team’s first game Chin was able to choose what jerseys the team will start the season in. It’s a tradition Schiffner says he likes to uphold, but still caught Chin by surprise. 

At the end of his final preseason speech under the Veterans Field lights Monday night, Schiffner finished by grabbing Chin’s attention and asking if the Anglers would wear their new or old blue uniforms. After balking for a second Chin chose the new blues and smiled while telling his teammates that the decision was far from easy. 

Said Chin: “I definitely didn’t expect that.”