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E-Mail Frenzy Night With the Chatham Broadcasters

by Anglers Media Team, 08-04-2010

E-Mail Frenzy Night With the Chatham Broadcasters A tradition continues Wednesday night for the Cape Cod Baseball Network with E-mail Frenzy Night. As the Anglers take the field for their final game of the season against the Orleans Firebirds, Chatham broadcasters Scott Braun and Aaron Canada encourage each and every listener/viewer to e-mail the booth at chathambroadcast@aol.com.

As usual, any comments or questions are welcome, but for our special E-mail Frenzy, please be sure to include your name, where you're listening from and if you're listening for any specific player, etc. The Anglers hope to hear from you!

Tonight's first pitch is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tune in to the broadcast starting at 6:40 with the Anglers Extra Pregame show by going to the Anglers Broadcast Central page, or by dialing in on your home or mobile telephone at 1-800-846-4700, team code 3841.

Also, make sure to read about Anglers Extravaganza, tonight's special edition of the Anglers Extra Postgame Show.