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How to purchase Anglers gear, including a new 2021 t-shirt, this summer

by Anglers Media Team, 07-03-2020

How to purchase Anglers gear, including a new 2021 t-shirt, this summer

Even without a Cape Cod Baseball League season this summer, Chatham Anglers merchandise — including a new 2021 t-shirt — is still available for purchase. A revamped online store highlights a variety of t-shirts and caps in addition to gear sold at various downtown merchants, including Chatham Clothing Bar and Chatham Hardware.

The Anglers' latest t-shirt reads "We stay apart today so we can be together tomorrow" across the back, and printed on the front is "Tomorrow is 2021." Color options include poppy — the favorite color of former Chatham merchandise stand worker Debbie Kavey, who passed away last December — and royal blue. 

Here's everything you need to know about the new Chatham store and merchandise plans for the summer. 

Will there be sales at Veterans Field this summer?

While the goal is to have a sale or two at Veterans Field later this summer, dates haven't been finalized. With so many unknown variables related to coronavirus restrictions, scheduling in advance remains difficult. But stay tuned. Hopefully, we'll see you at the merchandise stand soon.

Where can someone visiting Chatham purchase Anglers merchandise?

In addition to the items available on our webstore, visitors can also shop at the Chatham Clothing Bar or Chatham Hardware. They carry a variety of Anglers products.

If I can't find an item that I want to buy, who should I contact?

Please direct any questions to Ed Baird, one of the Chatham Athletic Association's Board of Directors, at ecb1946@hotmail.com.