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Orleans no-hits Chatham as offensive struggles come to a head

by Chris Blake, 6/30/22

ORLEANS — Block the ball. Catch it. Shuffle. Shuffle. Make the throw.

That’s all Orleans catcher Garret Guillemette thought about as he put the final touches on the Firebirds’ no-hitter against Chatham on Wednesday.

After fighting for five pitches, Tommy Caufield swung and missed at a ball in the ...
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Game 16 Preview: Chatham at Orleans

by Chris Blake, 6/29/22

Chatham (4-9-2) has faced every CCBL team this season except for Orleans (6-7-2), but the Anglers will check off the Firebirds at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Eldredge Park. The matchup comes on the heels of the Anglers’ 2-0 loss to Brewster on Tuesday, which pushed Chatham’s record on the road to 0-7-1.

Probab ...
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Chatham’s dominant defense can’t spark offense throughout 2-0 loss to Brewster

by Anish Vasudevan, 6/28/22

BREWSTER — Shadows occasionally obstructed Johnny Castagnozzi’s view when the ball bounced off Brewster’s bats.

He was ready for something to be hit hard in his direction, which came for the second time in the bottom of the fourth. Castagnozzi dove to his right, snatching Kurtis Byrne’s line drive which ca ...
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