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Orleans beats Chatham 4-0 in fog-shortened game

by Jesse Dougherty, 08-03-2014

Orleans beats Chatham 4-0 in fog-shortened game

Landon Cray (Seattle) had to lean on his visceral knowledge of angles on a baseball field. With a thick fog now completely settled on top of Veterans Field, he lost a fly ball for the last 10 feet before it found his glove. It came off the bat of David Thompson and Geoff GeGroot came in on the sacrifice fly, but the game was called a half inning later. 

“I knew I didn’t have to move much because I kind of saw it off the bat,” Cray said. “But yeah, it was kind of scary.”

After falling behind 4-0 in the top of the fifth, Chatham (17-25-1) fell to Orleans (23-18-2) by that score in a five-inning game on Sunday night. Fog started pouring onto the field in the third inning and never let up, and after multiple delays the game was called by the umpiring crew. The immediate ending hooked Anglers starter Garrett Williams (Oklahoma State) for the loss, and granted Firebirds starter Kyle Twomey the win. 

Box Score:

Game Tracker

Shortly into the game, Brewster beat Harwich 2-0 at Stony Brook Field. That pushes Brewster one point ahead of Chatham in the standings, which means the Anglers no longer control their own fate heading into the final day of the regular season.

But the plan is clear.  

Said Cray and Mitchell Gunsolus (Gonzaga), not at the same time but in the same way: “We just have to win.”

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