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Storify: 2014 MLB Draft

by Anglers Media Team, 06-06-2014

Storify: 2014 MLB Draft

The MLB Draft kicked off at 7 p.m. on Thursday night, and a number of current and former Anglers are hoping to hear their names called.

A host of Anglers were selected in the draft's first two days, including Connor Joe (2013) and Nick Burdi (2012) in the first two rounds on the first night. After them, the flood gates open and past and present Anglers started to fly off the board. J.D. Davis (2013) and Aaron Brown (2012) were selected in the third round, Chad Sobotka (2013) went in the fourth, Michael Russell (2013) in the fifth round, Dale Carey (2012) in the seventh, Hunter Redman (2013) and Connor Spencer (2014 temp) in the eighth, Mike Fagan (2012) in the ninth and Matt Gage (2013) in the 10th. You can see all of their destinations below, as well as the social media tidbits that followed their selections. 

Rounds 11–40 close out the draft starting 1 p.m Saturday. Follow MLB.com's live draft tracker here.