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Anglers in the Postseason

by Brian Clark, 05-26-2009

Anglers in the Postseason On Monday, the NCAA announced the 64 teams that will compete for the 2009 Baseball Championship. Out of the 64 teams, twenty-five players have connections to Chatham.

The following past and present Chatham Anglers will participate in the 2009 Regionals

Mike Dennhardt, Boston College, Austin Regional
Gregg Glime, Baylor, Baton Rouge Regional
Aaron Miller, Baylor, Baton Rouge Regional
Shawn Tolleson, Baylor, Baton Rouge Regional
Logan Verrett, Baylor, Baton Rouge Regional
Russell Brewer, Vanderbilt, Louisville Regional
Brian Harris, Vanderbilt, Louisville Regional
Taylor Hill, Vanderbilt, Louisville Regional
Justin Marks, Louisville, Louisville Regional
Andrew Crisp, South Carolina, Greenville Regional
Whit Merrifield, South Carolina, Greenville Regional
Parker Bangs, South Carolina, Greenville Regional
Tom Belza, Oklahoma State, Clemson Regional
Dean Green, Oklahoma State, Clemson Regional
Thomas Keeling, Oklahoma State, Clemson Regional
Tyler Lyons, Oklahoma State, Clemson Regional
Matt Harvey, North Carolina,Chapel Hill Regional
Jacob Stallings, North Carolina, Chapel Hill Regional
Ryan Leach, North Carolina, Chapel Hill Regional
Patrick Johnson, North Carolina, Chapel Hill Regional
Alex White, North Carolina, Chapel Hill Regional
Kyle Seager, North Carolina, Chapel Hill Regional
Adam Warren, North Carolina, Chapel Hill Regional
Cory Olson, UC Irvine, Irvine Regional
Jeff Lorick, Virginia, Irvine Regional
Jeff Schaus, Clemson, Clemson Regional
Addison Johnson, Clemson, Clemson Regional
Phillip Pohl, Clemson, Clemson Regional

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