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Chatham A's

Chatham A's Alumni

The following is a list of those former Chatham A's/Anglers players, coaches, and managers who played on Veterans Field as part of the "modern era" of the Cape Cod Baseball League. The modern era began in 1963 and continues to this day. Our alumni list is well over 1500 former players and coaches.

Many of our fans are interested in those former players who made it to, "the Show." Indeed the odds of making it to the major league level are long. Approximately one out of every eight players who are drafted actually put on a major league uniform at some point in their careers. Many of today's current major leaguers played on the fields of the Cape Cod Baseball League.

As proud as we are of those who made it to the major league level, we are equally proud of those young men who have worn the Chatham A's/Anglers uniform and applied the same positive virtues they learned on the baseball diamond to their families, professions, and community. We hope that in some way that their, "summer on the Cape" contributed to their success in wherever their life's journey took them.

If you are a fan of baseball take the time to look at this impressive and historical alumni list. Perhaps it will bring back a memory. If you are a former player or coach it might give you the name of that former player or coach that was a distant memory. In any case we hope you enjoy this part of our history.

By Team Year (19xx):
By Last Initial:
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Alumni 2002 to Present - 75 Records (click underlined names to view player stats)
Name Position Chatham A's Year
Cameron Bishop P 2017
Bo Burrup P 2016
Matt Camp IF 2004
Andrew Crisp IF/OF 2007
Jacob Dempsey OF/1B 2005
Joe DePinto IF 2010
Daniel Espinosa IF 2006
Garrett Hampson INF 2014
Garrett Hampson SS/2B 2015
Brent Hopkins OF 2011
Brian Humphries OF 2010
Andrew Karp P 2016
Aaron Knapp OF 2015
Andrew Knapp C 2012
Mason Koppens OF/IF 2016
Mason Koppens OF 2017
Rick Oropesa IF/OF 2009
Rick Oropesa IF/P 2010
Andre Pallante P 2017
Andre Pallante RHP 2018
John Palmieri Coach 2002
Jake Palomaki IF 2016
Jake Palomaki INF 2017
Dan Paolini IF/OF 2010
Robert Papenhause OF 2008
Tate Parrish LHP 2012
Bobby Paschal Pitcher 2004
Jeff Paschke P/1B 2015
Nick Patten 1B/OF 2017
Thomas Pauly P 2002
Mark Pavao Coach 2009
Joe Pavone Catcher 2010
Colin Peluse RHP 2018
Fabian Pena C 2017
Jeremy Pena INF 2017
Cody Penny RHP 2011
Stephen Perez IF 2010
Stephen Perez IF 2011
Jack Perkins P 2017
Matthew Perry IF 2009
Luke Persico OF/IB 2015
Alex Person P 2016
Ryan Phelan Catcher 2013
Dane Phillips Catcher 2011
Geoff Phillips Coach 2014
Geoff Phillips Coach 2015
Geoff Phillips Bullpen coach 2016
Geoff Phillips Coach 2017
Andrew Piantosi Intern 2006
Doug Pickens IF/OF 2006
Jimmy Pickens OF 2013
Matt Pidich P 2016
Chad Pinder INF 2012
Chase Pinder CF 2016
Sheehan Planas-Arteaga 1B-OF 2013
Ryan Plourde OF 2013
Phillip Pohl C 2009
Phillip Pohl C 2010
Kaden Polcovich INF 2019
Alex Powers RHP 2012
Alex Presley OF 2005
Bryan Pritz OF 2003
AJ Puckett P 2015
Zach Putnam DH/RHP 2007
Colin Simpson C/OF 2018
David Speer LHP 2013
Ed Strapp Certified Trainer 2005
Ed Strapp Trainer 2006
Beth Thompson Assistant Trainer 2005
Beth Thompson Assistant Trainer 2006
Beth Thompson Trainer 2007
Jacob Thompson RHP 2008
Jake Thompson RHP 2009
Ryan Thompson RHP 2012
Mike Toper Broadcaster 2007
Alumni Pre 2002 - 42 Records (click underlined names to view player stats)
Name Position Chatham A's Year
Robert Padovan C 1977
Mike Pagliarulo IF 1980
Jon Palmieri P 1998
James Parks P 1980
Ray Parr P 1973
Scott Parsons OF 1981
Glenn Partridge OF 1974
John Pearson IF 1970
Dan Peltier C 1988
John Penn 1969
Mike Penney P 1997
Russell Perkins OF 1985
Brian Peterson C 1998
Mark Petkovsek P 1985
Mark Petkovsek P 1986
Paul Petrulis IF/OF 1992
Mike Pettenuzzo OF 1974
Norman (Ed) Phillips 1963
Alain Picard C 2000
Gary Pierce IF 1994
Mickey Pina OF 1986
Scott Pinoni 1B/OF 1993
Alex Pires 1983
Chris Pittaro IF 1981
Chris Politan C 1977
Chris Politan C 1978
D. Bain Pollard IF/OF 1975
Jason Pomar P 1998
Paul Porowski P 1973
Paul Porowski P/OF 1975
David Porter P 1970
Thomas Porter 1968
Thomas Porter 1969
John Posey IF/OF/P 1985
John Powers IF 1995
David Prest 1969
Tom Price P 1992
John Pricher P 1990
James Provenzano P 1969
Michael Pulaski OF 1973
Steve Puleo C 1994
Matt Purkiss IF 1996