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Chatham A's Alumni

The following is a list of those former Chatham A's/Anglers players, coaches, and managers who played on Veterans Field as part of the "modern era" of the Cape Cod Baseball League. The modern era began in 1963 and continues to this day. Our alumni list is well over 1500 former players and coaches.

Many of our fans are interested in those former players who made it to, "the Show." Indeed the odds of making it to the major league level are long. Approximately one out of every eight players who are drafted actually put on a major league uniform at some point in their careers. Many of today's current major leaguers played on the fields of the Cape Cod Baseball League.

As proud as we are of those who made it to the major league level, we are equally proud of those young men who have worn the Chatham A's/Anglers uniform and applied the same positive virtues they learned on the baseball diamond to their families, professions, and community. We hope that in some way that their, "summer on the Cape" contributed to their success in wherever their life's journey took them.

If you are a fan of baseball take the time to look at this impressive and historical alumni list. Perhaps it will bring back a memory. If you are a former player or coach it might give you the name of that former player or coach that was a distant memory. In any case we hope you enjoy this part of our history.

By Team Year (19xx):
By Last Initial:
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Alumni 2002 to Present - 104 Records (click underlined names to view player stats)
Name Position Chatham A's Year
Dane Acker RHP 2019
Brian Adamski P/OF 2004
Carrie Aiken Trainer Intern 2002
Luke Bartnicki LHP 2019
Luke Bartnicki LHP 2020
Mike Billek Pitcher 2004
Kyle Brooks 2B 2015
Steven Brooks OF 2009
Trenton Brooks OF 2015
J.B. Bukauskas P 2016
CJ Burdick P 2015
Jeff Burke RHP 2014
Alex Calbick IF/OF 2011
Alex Calbick INF/OF 2012
Cameron Chick IF/OF 2020
Tanner Chock P 2016
Brian Clark Broadcaster 2008
Brian Clark Broadcaster 2009
Dennis Cook Pitching Coach 2018
Dennis Cook Pitching Coach 2019
Dennis Cook Pitching Coach 2020
Matt Cook OF 2016
Allan Dykstra 1B 2006
Allan Dykstra 1B/DH 2007
Nicolas Falkson 3B 2015
Zak Farkes IF 2005
Kaleb Fleck RHP 2009
Reid Fronk IF/OF 2006
Kyle Funkhouser RHP 2013
Kyle Funkhouser RHP 2014
Brent Hopkins OF 2011
Mitch Houck LHP 2007
Brandon Hynick Pitcher 2005
Eisenberg Jake Broadcaster 2016
Thomas Jankins P 2015
Nick Kahle C 2018
Jim Kais Bullpen Catcher 2002
Dane Kapende RHP 2019
James Karinchak P 2016
Andrew Karp P 2016
Landon Kay OF 2017
Sebastian Keane RHP 2020
Jerry Keel LHP 2014
Thomas Keeling LHP 2009
Eric Kennedy OF 2020
Peter Kennelly P 2009
Josh Kieffer Assistant Coach 2016
Josh Kieffer Coach 2017
Dace Kime RHP 2011
Dace Kime RHP 2012
Tyler Kincaid Coach 2005
Tyler Kincaid Pitching Coach 2006
Tyler Kincaid Coach 2007
Tyler Kincaid Pitching Coach 2008
Tyler Kincaid Pitching Coach 2009
Haydn King LHP 2019
Joseph King C/RHP 2020
Zach King LHP 2018
Michael Kirian LHP 2018
Ryan Klosterman IF 2003
Aaron Knapp OF 2015
Andrew Knapp C 2012
Reiss Knehr P 2017
Matt Koch RHP 2011
Alex Kocol Coach 2013
Alex Kocol Coach 2014
Mason Koppens OF/IF 2016
Mason Koppens OF 2017
Paul Koss Pitcher 2006
Nick Krauth RHP 2019
Kolby Kubichek RHP 2019
Kolby Kubichek RHP 2020
Jeff Lorick LHP 2007
Jeff Lorick LHP 2008
Tyson Lusk Intern 2008
David MacKinnon 1B 2016
Bobby Malek Coach 2008
Justin Marks LHP 2008
Patrick Mazeika C/OF/1B 2014
Michael McCormick P 2016
Dan O'Keefe Trainer 2010
Dan O'Keefe Trainer 2011
Aaron Palensky OF 2019
Aaron Palensky OF 2020
Jake Palomaki IF 2016
Jake Palomaki INF 2017
Mitchell Parker LHP 2020
Jeff Paschke P/1B 2015
Jack Perkins P 2017
Doug Pickens IF/OF 2006
Jimmy Pickens OF 2013
AJ Puckett P 2015
Will Shackelford IF/OF 2016
Chad Sobotka RHP 2013
Evan Stockton Broadcaster 2016
Josh Terletzky Pitcher 2006
Spencer Torkelson INF 2018
Spencer Torkelson 1B/OF 2019
Pat Valaika INF 2012
Jackson Wark RHP 2018
J.T. Watkins Catcher 2011
Aaron Westlake 1B 2010
Garrett Whitlock P 2016
Matt Zoltak LHP 2008
Alumni Pre 2002 - 49 Records (click underlined names to view player stats)
Name Position Chatham A's Year
Gary Kanwisher P 1982
Chris Karabinus P 1996
Karp 1963
Matt Kata IF/P 1997
Matt Kata IF/P 1998
Joe Kealty 1B/OF 2000
Joseph Keenan 1969
Michael Kelly Catcher 1967
Mike Kendzierski P 1994
Robert Kenney P 1965
Robert Kenny P 1966
Jeff Keppen P 1994
Randy Kersten 2B 1972
Peter Khoury OF 1976
Peter Khoury OF 1977
Mark Kiefer P 1987
Paul Kilgus P 1982
Paul Kilimonis P 1980
Joseph Killilea P 1985
Tyson Kimm IF/OF 1993
Kevin Kinne IF 1986
Noell Kinski 1963
Ryan Kinski IF 1995
Scott Klingenbeck P 1990
Scott Klingenbeck P 1991
Steven Klinger P 1969
Ed Knaggs Coach 1999
Darrin Knight P 1987
Dave Knott 1975
Ronald Knowe 1965
Jim Knox IF 1971
Mike Knox C 1963
Mike Knox IF 1981
Shannon Knox IF 1991
Jim Kocoloski IF 1972
Jason Koehler C 1995
Michael Koplove P 1997
Steven Korczyk P 1980
Bobby Korecky P 2000
Paul Kostokopolous Coach 1988
John Kowalski P 1983
John Kowalski P 1984
Richard Krieger C/1B 1976
Dan Krines P 2000
Daniel Krines Pitcher 2001
Steve Krines IF 1966
Ryan Kritscher IF 1993
John Kubachka IF/OF 2000
Brad Kucera P 1986