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Chatham A's

Chatham A's Alumni

The following is a list of those former Chatham A's/Anglers players, coaches, and managers who played on Veterans Field as part of the "modern era" of the Cape Cod Baseball League. The modern era began in 1963 and continues to this day. Our alumni list is well over 1500 former players and coaches.

Many of our fans are interested in those former players who made it to, "the Show." Indeed the odds of making it to the major league level are long. Approximately one out of every eight players who are drafted actually put on a major league uniform at some point in their careers. Many of today's current major leaguers played on the fields of the Cape Cod Baseball League.

As proud as we are of those who made it to the major league level, we are equally proud of those young men who have worn the Chatham A's/Anglers uniform and applied the same positive virtues they learned on the baseball diamond to their families, professions, and community. We hope that in some way that their, "summer on the Cape" contributed to their success in wherever their life's journey took them.

If you are a fan of baseball take the time to look at this impressive and historical alumni list. Perhaps it will bring back a memory. If you are a former player or coach it might give you the name of that former player or coach that was a distant memory. In any case we hope you enjoy this part of our history.

By Team Year (19xx):
By Last Initial:
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Alumni 2002 to Present - 101 Records (click underlined names to view player stats)
Name Position Chatham A's Year
Hunter Bailey IF 2011
Robert Baldwin C 2014
Paul Balestrieri P 2016
Parker Bangs RHP 2009
George Barnes Coach 2007
Aaron Barnett C/1B 2015
Luke Bartnicki LHP 2019
Reagan Bazar P 2016
Travis Beausoleil Hitting Coach 2016
Elizabeth Bedingfield Intern 2006
Jeff Belge P 2017
Jeff Belge LHP 2018
Kyle Bellows 3B 2008
Tom Belza 2B 2009
Guy Benson Broadcaster 2003
Guy Benson Broadcaster 2004
Guy Benson Broadcaster 2005
Guy Benson Broadcaster 2006
Austin Bergner P 2017
Austin Bergner RHP 2018
Kevin Berry RHP/IF 2010
Mike Billek Pitcher 2004
Keith Bilodeau RHP 2011
Cameron Bishop P 2017
Kyle Blair RHP 2008
Patrick Blair IF 2011
Cooper Boardman Broadcaster 2018
Kyle Bono Pitcher 2004
Rob Bono Coach 2014
Rob Bono Coach 2015
Rob Bono Pitching coach 2016
Rob Bono Coach 2017
Ryan Bono C/1B 2004
Sean Bouchard SS 2016
Tom Bourdon OF 2012
Brad Boxberger RHP 2008
Willy Boyd 2B 2016
Cody Bradford LHP 2018
Scott Braun Broadcaster 2009
Scott Braun Broadcaster 2010
Matt Brazis RHP 2010
Matt Brazis RHP 2011
Kale Breaux P 2016
Charles Brewer RHP 2007
Charles Brewer RHP 2008
Russell Brewer RHP 2009
Kyle Brooks 2B 2015
Steven Brooks OF 2009
Trenton Brooks OF 2015
Aaron Brown OF/LHP 2012
Brooks Brown Pitcher 2005
Corey Brown OF 2006
Dylan Brown OF 2008
Tyler Brown RHP 2019
Kris Bryant 3B 2011
J.B. Bukauskas P 2016
Nick Burdi RHP 2012
Zack Burdi RHP 2014
Zack Burdi P 2015
CJ Burdick P 2015
Jeff Burke RHP 2014
Bryant Burleson INF 2014
Bo Burrup P 2016
Michael Busch 1B/DH 2018
Garrett Bussiere Catcher 2005
Blake Butera IF 2013
Blake Butera UTL 2014
Brendan Byrne IF 2005
Alex Calbick IF/OF 2011
Alex Calbick INF/OF 2012
Elliott Cribby Pitcher 2006
R.J. Dabovich RHP 2019
Nick Derba IF 2004
Nick Derba C 2005
Nick Derba Catcher 2006
Nick Derba Coach 2013
Michael Dibrell P 2016
Jeff Gibbs RHP 2011
Caleb Gilbert P 2016
Cameron Jabara RHP 2018
Robby Jacobsen C-OF 2004
Kolby Kubichek RHP 2019
Chris Lambert P 2003
Charles Leblanc SS 2016
Brandon Liebhaber Broadcaster 2012
Brandon Liebhaber Broadcaster 2013
Sean O'Brien OF 2007
Hagen Owenby C 2016
Alexander Raburn INF 2015
Cody Roberts C/3B 2017
Matt Roberts Catcher 2011
Blake Sabol 1B 2018
Alex Schlosberg Bullpen Coach 2010
Phil Schreiber RHP 2010
Andre Scrubb P 2015
Chad Sobotka RHP 2013
Ryan Sonberg IF 2011
Scott Winterburn Coach 2011
Scott Winterburn Coach 2012
Mitchell Zubradt P 2016
Keith Zubrow Broadcaster 2013
Alumni Pre 2002 - 84 Records (click underlined names to view player stats)
Name Position Chatham A's Year
Brian Bach P 1968
Jeff Bagwell IF/OF 1987
Jeff Bagwell IF 1988
Ed Baird P 1965
Ed Baird P 1966
Ed Baird P 1967
Timbo Baird OF 1979
Dustin Baker P 1997
Caleb Balabuena P 1998
David Baldwin P 1966
David Baldwin P 1967
Onesimo Balelo IF 1983
Jason Ball P 1997
Jason Ball P 1998
Scott Barber P 1999
Tony Barbone Coach 1990
Chuck Barclift IF/OF 1979
Ethan Barlowe OF 1995
John C. Barnett Pitcher 2001
James Barwick IF/OF 1981
Derik Bastinck C 1984
Jason Bay OF 1999
David Baye P 1970
Ray Baye P 1971
Chad Beagle P 1995
Joe Beason P 1979
Alan Beausoleil C 1999
John Beckman OF 1984
Kevin Bedard IF 1997
Albert Belle OF 1986
Danny Bench C 1987
Doug Benefiel C/IF 1990
David Bergman 1B/OF 1973
David Bergman 1B/OF 1974
Jared Berkowitz P 1999
Harry Berrios OF 1992
Tony Betancourt C 1998
Robert Birrell P/OF 1977
Robert Birrell P 1978
Charles Black IF 1978
Larry Blackwell 1980
David Blank P 1993
Robert Boisvert OF 1989
Kenneth Bolek OF 1975
Jon Bolton P 1971
Deskaheh Bomberry Coach 2000
Bob Bonalewicz C 1965
Bonnacci C 1967
Robert Bonnette IF/OF 1977
Barry Bor IF 1967
Kip Bouknight P 1999
Gary Boyce 1969
Gary Boyce IF/OF 1970
Patrick Boyd OF 1999
Raymond Boyer IF/OF 1974
Raymond Boyer IF/OF 1975
Scott Bradley C/IF/OF 1979
Scott Bradley If/OF/C 1980
Ryan Braun IF/P 2000
Edward Bravo IF 1967
Jeff Brewer P 1982
Matt Brewer P/OF 1990
Brad Brian C 1984
James Bridges P 1981
Grant Brittain IF 1988
Scott Bromby P 1984
Scott Bromby P 1985
Scott Bromby P 1986
Eric Brubaker P 1995
James Brunette 1968
Warren Brusstar P 1971
Henry Bunnell P 1969
Dennis Burbank P 1989
Tom Burke 1974
Ben Burlingame P 1990
Richard Burppe 1972
Chris Burton OF 1987
David Bush P 2000
John Bushart P 1992
John Buss P 1985
John Buss P 1986
Robert Butsch P 1973
Chris Butterfield P 1988
Eric Byrnes OF 1995